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Latest - Lapwing

Acrylic on Hahnemühle board 248 x 200 mm

I was brought up calling Vanellus vanellus a Lapwing, from their flight, rather than Peewit from their call. They were very common around my uncle's farm, but less so now. Painted on my last piece of Hahnemühle board, shame they stopped making it.


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Born in North Yorkshire, UK. I began life as a land agent, but became interested in painting wildlife which led to studying Scientific Illustration - featured in Images 11 the Best of British Illustration. After a few years in the advertising world, I turned to a mix of land management and painting - being involved in award winning conservation schemes.

I'm proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and live in Kent. A Vizsla called Luna takes me for walks (or swims).





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