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Mapping, visualizing information and generally noodling about. I ike the phrase functional art.

Note: Currently I'm testing a flat-file hosted Micro.blog. It may exhibit unusual behaviour, or plain just not work at all...

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2018 06 13

Workflow image creation to Textastic and Editorial (Dropbox) upload to site via Textastic.


I was trained in a number of things; Rural Estate Management MRAC, Scientific Illustration HND, Natural Resource Management MSc and Geographical Information Systems MSc. Consequently, I have experienced the ins-and-outs of land and historic building management (involved with two winning Laurent-Perrier Wild Game awards and a Regional Vistors Attraction award), survived office and studio life and the the solitary existence of the artist.

Elsewhere I derive art from the natural world, get out and about with my @Vizsla Luna and am proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.