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Trails pt1


The screenshot is from a local test site, but I've an idea for www.davidhall.me to also log the tracks of my meanderings etc.

I'll test on this site (the same flat-file micro.blog) as I'd like to introduce a micropub endpoint, so I can post from one of the micro.blog iOS Apps and as that may be disruptive to the blog, I'll confine all the playing around to here.

This continues on from my first ideas about baking blogs and Manton Reece's fantastic micro.blog. My idea is still to be able to post from an iPhone, host my own stuff and do it relatively simply.

Initially, I am taking advantage of Leaflet's support for GeoJSON by using Mapbox toGeoJSON, so loading a trail.js file is relatively simple. All the work may be done on the go in Textastic iOS App on the iPhone, in a similar way to GeoTagging a post or picture, but it would be great (and simpler) to be able to do this from the Micro.blog App itself. I'll be looking at leaflet-omnivore later on, along with other methods of loading .kml files.

Therefore, in the meantime, it may exhibit unusual behaviour, or sometimes just not work at all, but a post on the micro side is here